5 Reasons to Create Custom Temple Socks for Your LDS Wedding

Have you heard? True Crew Socks now offers free wedding sock customization featuring the U.S. LDS temple and colors of your choice*! Colorful socks continue to be the craze in menswear and now LDS brides can unite this fashion with their faith. Custom Temple Socks will not only be a hit with your fiancé and groomsmen, they make great gifts for bridesmaids because the temple is always on-trend! Keep reading for 5 reasons to create custom Temple Socks for your wedding party and get your forever family started on the right foot.

  1. Better Wedding Photos: Providing custom designed True Crew Temple Socks the day-of your wedding for your groom and groomsmen is such a thoughtful gift AND will ensure no one wears white socks in your wedding pictures. Trust us, your photographer will thank you. Added benefit: no worries about your groom getting cold feet on the big day!
  2. Matchmaking Opportunities: You can’t help but want your bridesmaids who are single to be as happily matched as you are and temple socks make great conversation starters for LDS single adults. So, no guarantee, but gifting custom True Crew Socks to your groomsmen and bridesmaids may actually lead to more temple marriages which would be super cool.
  3. Comfy Feet: Wearing men’s tuxedo dress shoes all day long can be miserably uncomfortable. Miserable groomsmen may lead to miserable wedding photos and certainly cuts down on possible matchmaking moments leading to miserable bridesmaids which is NOT something you want to deal with on your special day. True Crew Socks feature compression zones in the ankle and arch of the sock, providing a higher level of support, thereby reducing foot fatigue and potentially grumpy groomsmen. It’s worth a shot!
  4. Total Inclusion: Handing out custom Temple Socks to your friends and family is a great way to include those who aren’t old enough or able to enter the temple for the sealing. How cute would your nephews be wearing dress shorts and temple socks for your summer wedding? Or imagine the look on your sister’s face when she opens a care package with your temple socks while she is out serving her mission. Warm fuzzies all around!
  5. Reminder of Your Journey: You and/or your fiancé have overcome personal challenges in your journey to the temple and think with gratitude about the Savior and His loving gift of redemption. Temple Socks featuring YOUR favorite temple and wedding colors is a unique, stylish yet meaningful way to celebrate your wedding day, your eternal marriage and to ponder the path of the feet that have got you where you are today. Families Are Forever!

Give it a try! Start designing your custom True Crew Socks using our online design tool. Select your wedding date and U.S. LDS temple to get things started. Questions? Contact us at hello@truecrewsocks.com

*Custom True Crew Socks: Custom orders must be placed at least 4 weeks in advance of your wedding date to ensure on-time delivery. Minimum order of 10 socks required: all with the same temple design, colors, and size. Choose from more than 20 brilliant colors to create your temple wedding sock featuring the silhouette of the U.S. LDS temple of your choice. We currently have 12 temples loaded into our online design tool but all U.S. LDS temples are available for order.

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