7 Ways to Wear or Share Temple Socks this Summer (and stock up at 25% off!)

Every summer, Latter-day Saints fill their schedule with YW/Scout camp, EFY, family reunions, weddings, mission farewells, temple trips, Trek, Pioneer Day festivities and more! You’ve got a crazy summer lining up and we want to make one part of your planning a bit easier. We’re offering 25% off all in-stock socks* at www.truecrewsocks.com through Saturday for all your celebration and gift-giving needs. You can you find the COUPON CODE at the end of this post. Keep reading for 7 Ways to Wear or Share Temple Socks this Summer (and stock up at 25% off!)

Young Women Values Stripes Knee-High True Crew Socks

YW Values Striped Knee-Highs

YW Camp: You are in charge of a unit at Girls Camp and outfitting your girls with YW Stripe socks would be a fun AND practical gift. The knee-high design will keep those legs covered up and out of sight from pesky mosquitos and remind your girls of the YW value colors at the same time (win-win)! Stock up for your campers!

Pioneer Handcart Socks for Trek!

Trek Ma: You’d like your kids to make memories at Trek they’ll never forget and hot spots and blisters don’t need to be among them. Through unique yarns that naturally reduce friction and wick away moisture, and designs that provide extra shielding in problem areas, our socks will keep those blisters under control. Grandma and Grandpa say they are the comfiest socks they have ever worn with compression zones in the ankle and/or arch so that’s a plus for trekkers, campers, hikers and adventurers alike. Stock up for Trek!

Seattle, WA Temple True Crew Athletic Socks

EFY Style

EFY Style: If you’ve ever sent a kid to EFY you know packing is kind of a big deal. They’ve got to have the right clothes and socks to match their personality. Stock up so your kids will have lots of clean and stylish socks for EFY!

Idaho Falls, ID Temple True Crew Athletic Socks

Idaho Falls Family Reunion

Family Reunions: Imagine gathering the entire family together for a big photo, wearing socks that feature the temple where Grandma and Grandpa first started it all. From kid-size to “Grandpa-size,” stock up on socks for the whole family.

Washington D.C. Temple True Crew Athletic Socks

Washington DC Weddings

Weddings: The bride and groom will be thrilled and grateful to open up a gift with “their temple” socks and not another set of wash cloths. You can be sure that your gift of True Crew Socks will be used, loved and not re-gifted. Some brides are stocking up on socks for their groomsmen to wear on the wedding day or as a gift for their bridesmaids! Learn more about Custom Wedding Socks and stock up today!

Hawaii Temple True Crew Athletic Socks

Temple Trip to Hawaii!

Temple Trips: Are your kids finding and taking their own names to the temple for baptisms? Raise of hands for those who want to go to the temple in Laie, Hawaii!! Stock up on True Crew Socks on sale as a gift of recognition for their family history service.

Salt Lake City Temple True Crew Athletic Socks

Great choice for missionaries

Missionary Care Package: If you are sending a pair of True Crew Socks to your missionary, make sure to include a pair for his/her companion. Don’t forget, navy, black or gray True Crew Socks can be worn as dress socks as well! Stock up for all the missionaries in your life!

Salt Lake City, UT Temple True Crew Athletic Socks

Best-selling sock!

There’s a lot to celebrate in the next few weeks so it’s time to stock up! You’ll be set for gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day gifts, high school and Seminary graduations, mission farewells and any other event that needs celebrating. Use Coupon Code  SUMMER25 for 25% OFF in-stock socks* (excluding custom wedding socks and new Tucson Temple Socks) through Saturday, April 29, 2017 at www.truecrewsocks.com. Happy stocking shopping and don’t forget to tag #truecrewsocks when wearing and sharing True Crew Socks on social media. Thank you!


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